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Michelle is celebrating her 18th year of bringing Rochester fabulous dance for fitness classes in a safe, welcoming environment! The classes are designed for every woman regardless of shape, size, age and perceived coordination levels. You do not need previous dance training in any beginner level course.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where are you located?
A: Michelle's belly dance classes are conveniently located at 718 University Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. Behind the building - look for the yellow awning! We have ample parking right in front and behind our building.

Q: Do I need to call ahead or is it ok to drop in the day of class?
A: Pre-registration is required for session classes with choreography. However, you are always welcome to drop-in the first class.

Q: What should I wear to class?
A: Most women wear stretchy yoga pants and t-shirts. In belly dance class, we usually dance in bare feet. Some ladies prefer to have socks or slippers with tread to prevent slippage.

Q: How many women are in a typical class?
A: We have a beautiful, spacious studio that accommodates up to 30 women comfortably. An average class size is 15-20.

Q: Will I be the oldest, youngest, least coordinated, heaviest, you name it...woman in the class?
A: We have women of all ages, sizes and shapes attend the studio. We foster a warm, caring and welcoming environment for everyone. Just ask Betty who turned 85 and is belly dancing beautifully with us every week!

Q: What if I miss a class?
A: Many of our classes are designed so that you are able to come to a make-up class. For example, if you are signed up for Belly Dance on Monday, you can attend Belly Dance class on Tuesday or Saturday at anytime during the session. We do not provide refunds or extend credit for missed classes.

Q: How many beginner classes should I take before I move up to Intermediate?
A: We recommend 2 to 3 sessions of a beginner class before starting an Intermediate level. However, we understand that some students may have more dance experience and would prefer to move up sooner. Check with your teacher for her recommendation.

Q: How long will it take me to become really good?
A: This will vary from student to student. There are so many considerations that factor into learning any new skill, such as previous experience, natural talent, amount of individual weekly practice and desire to do well. Our classes are designed to teach you many moves and ways of combining those moves so that you can show off at home or out at the club with your friends in just a few short weeks!

Q: I'm recovering from an injury, or newly pregnant. What class would be right for me?
A: Always check with your primary care physician before starting any dance class. When you get the ok, give us a call at 585-747-3937 and your instructor will recommend a class for just for you. We encourage all students to speak of any injuries or pregnancy with the instructor prior to the start of class.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: Yes, you can purchase a gift certificate in any dollar amount at the studio, or on-line.

Q: Do you offer refunds?
A: In the event you need to cancel your reservation for a session class prior to the start date of the class, a full monetary refund is given. After the class is in session, you are welcome to make up your missed class another evening if available. We do not refund or extend credit for unused classes during any session.

Q: Do you have special occasion parties at the studio?
A: You bet! We offer a great alternative girls-night-out for bachelorette parties, milestone birthday parties, book clubs, mom's groups, among many other celebratory events.

The class will consist of a brief warm-up, introduction to the dance with signature moves and a mini choreography. Your studio hosts help set a sassy "can do" attitude with lots of encouragement and smiles. Don't forget the camera for a picture worth a thousand memories! Parties are held after regular classes/ 7 days a week. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your party time and date. The balance of $100 for Belly Dance is due the day of the party. Just call the studio at 585-747-3937 to reserve your special event.


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